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Incorporated on June 14, 2014 Tongu Youth Agenda for Development (TYAD) is a registered community based and youth-led non-governmental organization that is dedicated to supporting the marginalized and underprivileged youths of the three Tongu districts and Ghana as whole to discover their potentials, nurture and empower them to achieve self-actualization and community socio-economic development through a variety of programs aimed at equipping them with skills and knowledge inspiring them to be agents of change. Our model of change is defined by our critical focus on Entrepreneurship, Education and Health. We are the only youth development and empowerment oriented non-governmental organization with a focus on the three Tongu districts serving thousands of youths. TYAD is registered under the laws of Ghana as non-governmental organization with registration number C0003693236 and with the European Commission with PIC number 926265514.


Our mission is to help the youths discover their potentials, develop and empower them to achieve self-actualization and improved quality of life for the socio-economic development of their communities.


Our vision is to have a community and a country free from poverty, illiteracy, disease and deprivation where every youth has his or her potentials well developed and harnessed to achieve their dreams and are socially and economically empowered to contribute to the development of their communities.


  • To train youths through our “Asinudor” program to start individual or group income generating business to increase rural industries in the community with an aim of contributing to the socioeconomic development of their communities.
  • To provide capacity building and business management training to youths with already existing income generating ventures.
  • To reach final year students of the Senior High Schools in the district with our “Adanu” Program.
  • To provide scholarship to SHS students to pursue tertiary education and to JHS student to pursue secondary education through our “Kpekpedenu” Program.
  • To develop the numeracy and reading skills of lower primary pupils in the district through our “Nusronsron” program.
  • To establish a leadership and entrepreneurial academy for youths.
  • To build a youth resource center that will serve the development needs of youths from the three Tongu districts
  • To serve a medium for youths to exchange ideas and engage community leaders for the development of the community.
  • To advocate and educate youths on maternal and mental health issues

Core values

At TYAD we believe our work in the community should be anchored on the core values of Commitment, Accountability, Service and Transparency. Our pledge in this walk of youth development and empowerment to develop our communities is to the people of the community first and to our donors. In every of our endeavors we are guided by CAST—Commitment, Accountability, Service and Transparency.

Operational Areas

TYAD is the only youth development and empowerment oriented non-govermental organization that cater to the needs of the youths in three Tongu Districts—South, Central and North Tongu—of the Volta Region of Ghana